Friday, September 28, 2007


for so long, many noobs dont know this blog cos its not promoted like koko crunch and honey stars.. and they do not know and appreciate the wonders of leongyewengleongyeweng.. so its time to post something that maybe only lesser noobs will read.....



this blog is mde to bring down and demote noobs around the world like leongyewegnilazytypetwice and yes, dom is not left our so look at his bloodygayshitassface

feel like puking, i know

i went through my pictures and saw this....

woah pro ang getting lucky sial

=.="... another noob

acting macho

today, it was this noobs bday and u have no idea how much effort i put into making his day perfect so after readign this u better get cheryl something nice like dom and dineshratakrishnan a/l an indian gg ..

and tomoro its this guys bday...

wtf he doing i dono trying to blow blue man flat dick

he is damn effing gay and yes i dono wat will happen to me tomoro after i sleep over at juns hse with HIM adn JUN omfg....

*lawl album is out and selling at 12 after long continous conferences with band members