Monday, February 25, 2008


one of the most horrific injury of all time...
his leg broke the wrong damn way
i feel really sad eventhough im a man utd fan...


eduardo, get well soon

oh fuck...

if me i would not cry cos i have been thru dom singing and that is worser pain

arsenal thing.. comfort ppl also must gay

may u play again,
to score against other epl teams,
and to lose to man utd again,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

four nil

man utd 4

arsenal 0

now that is pro

don cry lar

tomoro is driving exam
im going to bribe
wat u gonna do about it pann

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Audrey Koh - a tribute

this post is done especially for Audrey Koh, my longest and closest friend ever. i will never forget you.

in case u didnt know, audrey just left for australia yesterday at 9.35pm and i felt like i lost someone so special and important, its hard to describe this feeling..

im pretty sure im not the only one who will have felt like they lost something, but who wouldnt miss this ?

audrey signature pose.

me and kit has the shirt too!

normally when youre bored, whos hse do you go to? audrey

when u feel angry, who do u call? audrey

when u eat chicken feet, who do u think of? audrey

when u see food, whos in front of you? ang

this was our final outing together, a day before she left

aud did this for me during trials. it now lies in my room

woops wrong picture

audreys car. with a fag in it. im gonna miss riding in this

mr.perfect and junior (shirt only lar)
after 14 years of friendship

100 reasons why we love audrey :

1. shes cool
2. she drives and has a car
3. she has chicken feet
4. sekurus lidi
5. shes rich
6. shes lovable
7. she sings horribly
8. she has a dog called billy
9. she lets guys stay in her hse randomly
10. shes rich
11. she has a younger sister called elaine
12. her mum gave me 10 bucks angpao
13. she loves indians


ok thats about it...

and so a few of us went to the airport to sent her off, when her brand new laptop got stolen and airport ppl say that she got no rezeki lol.

through irwans eyes...

then it was time to leave....




audrey have a great time in aussie and dont ever forget us!

i know that u'll gonna miss...

your now ex-bf

your best friend

your longest friend

...and so many many more !

oh ya this is the card me and irwan made for audrey
its so nice, it looks like its made from mammary lane
even kahshin admit hoho

click to enlarge

there was still irwans page but it wasnt completed when i took the pics so no need lar

i guess thats it!
a tribute to audrey comes to an end

how sad