Tuesday, July 21, 2009

daily schedule

wake up


blitz mou?




we need a life

Saturday, July 18, 2009

united makes malaysians united

theres only one word for today :


how to describe...
u have to be there to experience the shit itself man.

i never felt more high in my life

the atmosphere was amazing
the match was amazing
amri yahyah was amazing
heck even the coke tasted good

its like a dream come true,
to watch your team play in front of your very eyes
to actually see nani do his infamous flips

i left the stadium hyperventilating...

after 2-0 u would have tought man utd was going to breeze through
but malaysia put up one hell of a show

right before the half time whistle, amri yahyah scored a fucking hell of a genius goal
EPL standard

it caught van der sar ( and all of us ) off guard.

but when he scored, the crowd went bogus!
screaming, crazy, mad

and when he scored the 2nd 8 mins into halftime

u have never felt more proud of being a malaysian...

so, the score at 2-2, i was afraid this would continue and it would be soooo embarrasing for man utd

it did continue... until
5 mins from time, OWEN SCORED!

since the start of the match. the fans have been chanting owen, owen, owen
urging fergie to sub him in..

and of all ppl, he actually scored the winner..
a bomb expoded inside the stadium,


better than champions league final lar.

ohyeah there was this 1 point, where the camera was capturing the fans upclose aand it would appear on the giant screen in the stadium...
so naturally, seeing yourself in the big screen, one would wave and do shits

but there was this guy, he stood up. turned around. and pointed 2 thumbs back towards his new man utd jersey:


the crowd went mad. everyone was cheering like mad.
hilarious. genius.

100k ppl turned up.
and we did this huge ass mexican wave for like 3 rounds until it died off

i dont understand,
it specifically said : MAN UTD vs MSIA XI

but stil got some dipshits who just had to wear their LIVERPOOL jerseys in a crowd of 100k man utd fans.

dumb cuntnugget?!

he walked up the stairs to his seat, and 1 guy started shouting, then everyone in that area stood up, pointed at him, started boo-ing, more ppl noticed, stood up, boo-ed

throwing insults at him liek bullets

u would feel bad for the guy really. but he was being stupid.

so he toke off his jersey and suddenly,
everyone started cheering

it was damn hilarious to watch

tiring day. but well worth.

anyone up for round 2 on monday?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

blue sand?

i had an awesome time.

from the bus there...
to the bus home

kevin is a great organizer

but now its time to dota!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

non-stop action

after a tiring trip to the uk,
im going to redang right nao!

to relax of course.
cant wait...

Friday, July 10, 2009