Tuesday, December 25, 2007


and a happy deepavali to u all too

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

genting 3

i din say anything about genting 2 cos it does not need to be said..
yesterday i went to genting for the 3rd freaking god damn time in 2months... woah

and so we went up
me jun gaby kit irwanporkboy jiasheng and ohohohohoh kahshin <--- sesat.. i tell u, it was damn mcb fcuking cold.. colder than dom.. seriosuly, can die one go there naked then suppose to come down same day.. but, but we sesat say take another bus lar THEN omfg KAM NGAM that day cable car rosak and bus all gg so we fought for a while and we decided to stay there that means another rm195 gone....................
our hotel room

and i got sick cos too cold di....

oh ya and we cant play much cos halfway through it rained like cb only

so we went for a few rides

one of them..

and that godlike ride.............................

oh yeah classic shit man

i never rode on one of this for a few years...
it was fun. best 4 minutes of my career

yes. we were enjoying oursleves...

but the best ride has got to be the pirate one lar. where u go in pairs on this small car and they bring u into darkness where pirates stare and laugh at you and got scary music oh shit man that ride damn good lar.. suppose to scare little kids but because it was dark, i got scared too.

oh so we stayed there and i cant sleep cos junyeu snore like cb only worse than yishen but i finally slept.

next day, which is today, we went down lore 7 of us plus one driver in a cr-v so me and irwan had to sit in the boot.

how many of you had actually sit in the boot before. we are damn cool lar...

irwan in the boot

she very comfortable lar sit in front while 4 ppl squeeze behind and 2 ppl in the boot...

after a long jouney, i cannot tahan di lar feel like vomiting only so had to sub ppl to sit in the boot and...

seems like he is enjoying it..

then we all balik.. gg

im going hongkong tomoro and im going to miss her

like this guy here he misses audrey who went korea

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007


bloody hell wanli post something on the genting trip lar whats life without
pictures from your camera a picture says a thousand words

13 years sial