Saturday, February 28, 2009

stuwen ah stuwen

so basically......

i lost 600k on fb poker
LOL im awesome.

some of u cant even get half of my lost lar so shaddap.



today was quite eventfull

apart from losing 600k, i also went to a saturday class,

and from a small group of 4, suddenly 11 ppl turned up for dimsum with hocksoon.

liek tv show only...

welcome to "dimsum wif hocksoon"
today we hav a special guest, jebat "3 racoons" kee...


then we went blitz,
and there was this team fortress tournament going on
dam happening

then jebat feed in dota
then i found a new dota fren lar

thats right lar

Saturday, February 21, 2009


oooomg nagato is dah real pain...........

on a totally random note,
ARSENAL NOOBING LARH.sunderland also can draw.

man utd starting soon, ftw!

and so, all the aussie ppl have finally left in alphabetical order.....

munkit kahshin chew estee aud jun didimissoutany?

hope u all have a good time there especailly those newbies.

chew ah... dont go have random sex wif blondies ah.
unless they're worth the std's......

yes lar thats good.

puniSHAH warzone is the most random show ever

he's like some super imba cod4 player with 5 juggernauts, 5 extremeconditioning plus,

hes a fucking tuber LOL
wat a pansy.

fav scence has got to be the guy jumping in mid air then suddenly punisher kills him wif bazooka and he explode to pieces scence. yes.

for the randomness, this show loses to changeling lar.

punysher< CCoBB< changeling< powerpuffgirls?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

friday is blitz day

this time, friday turned out to be awesome

which means blitz l4d lol

on another note,

Rihanna Malaysia Concert Cancelled Following Chris Brown Attack

lol, who was going again?


Saturday, February 7, 2009

D : it is written

slumdog. was. awesome.

goota love the shit dropping scence.

and the guy on the right is a bastard. lol

well i tought CCof BB was a very gooood show but boring 70% of the time.

good as in great meaning and story. its just booring. owh well.

wall-e is still number 1