Monday, January 21, 2008


i just watch cloverfield and i think that IT IS AN EFFING BRILLIANT SHOW.

love the concept
love the story
love the hot girl beth
hate dom

but the show no ending and very potong go watch must see to understand

and if u sick dont watch cos get dizzy very fast

whole show the screen shaking like shakeys pizza hawyang did this

the show is either u love it alot it is genius


it sucks like a piece of shit wan li dog ranger just shit out

go watch

Thursday, January 10, 2008


help is fun. got pool table foosball table..
just bio boring like shit only

and yesterday i got sick. i dont get sick often but yesterday is the worst. i have high fever and super flu.

so i went doctor and she touch me here and there and say that i have high fever and super flu......

=.= "

so now i eat medicien everyday to sleep faster and regenerate cells

i suspoect i got sick becos of my ear. thank you dragonfly.

no i am not lala. if dom pierce his ear that is lala

tomoro got college. omfg after sick again how

but studies come first


Wednesday, January 2, 2008


happpy new yearr noobsss!!

and happy birthday wendy.yes, in help i will still call u wendy..
cos its your name.wth

i think 2007 was a great year. the best since 1991.

im going help tomoro oo and yes i cant wait cos im getting bored of the damn holidays @##$#$@%%#!!#


2008 resolutions:

1. 6 packs/pax i dono

2. yeah thats it

this year is good cos i won 21 bucks in my first gambling session
thank you wei jin and seng tuck

and i won 10 bucks today in gambling again
thank u wei jin lol

and my first meal of the year was prosperity burger sounds so pro