Monday, October 15, 2007


yeah on the 15 of this month very imporntant becos

holy shit wtf zean pants doing here

(your name in red but who cares dick)

this is kelvin chew. stressing out

i know he very handsome so u can go see many handsome pictures on his blog somehere there ------>

this is me and chew really studying.

and this day is also MARCUS CHONG bday that gay dick

yeah this is marcus

we celbrate his bday at itallianies where it was suppose to be a surprise but becos of pro planning by gabreyl tan he knew the plan one day before di... =.="

then after makan dono what to do then fight then in the end go junyeu hse for protime

we main football then go his hse see his sister(yeah) then play squash

marcus like noob only

spectators laughing at marcus

then got nothing to do so i went audrey hse and bathe and sleep and free dinner and she sent me home...

*i got no pictures of kelvin chew bday so cant do anything cos sherin never come online when i am and i cant ask her for pictures but maybe zean got but he dowan go library with me and jebat and weijin cos no transport but actually he dowan go cos dom going..