Saturday, October 27, 2007


genting is fun. if i could, i would like to be like lim goh tong 50 years back.

anyway, i went genting yesteday with 3 noobs mainly : leng chai

noob and dick.

this was at some restaurant in genting where weijin father the dentist belanja us makan damn pro.

the restaurant :

i dont have a picture but my kalou in fifa07 is 97 di and worth 86 million. ashton is mine too and he is gay

then we went sexytime around getning walk here walk there untill leg damn sore then only go Black Eyed Peas concert woohoooo

first we seat at the rm120 tickets part then very sad then suddenly everyone started shifting to the rm320 cos got space so we shift also in the end got good seats gg very happy...

marcus and family, pn.goh and saimun, wendy and family.
somewhere there

but still got malays smoking

some guy with funky hairstyle

then suddenly everything turn black then alot of screaming. i toke a video:

* i lazy upload in youtube so u all fantisize yourself

then they sing. yeah. fergie is hot

thats fergie. dont complain

the drummer is damn pro

guitarist also damn pro

this one more pro(on the left)

where is the love?

there. dont scream

trust me weijin is gayer

gay moments.

then finish di concert then met wendy with his parents gg...

then miss bus then wait 1 hour play worms in juns psp then bus came then go aprtment

this is not aprtment its weijijndad dentist place


this is the apaertment. its damn good

this is a light

this is when i take pic of weijin then junyeu throw pillow at edywn then fly past timing is damn good

then we tfk at the arcade and play countless pool and junyeu play spudrace 8 times

this is a sexy pool table where i got my finger cut

and i beat weijin in pingpong AGAIN u suck man

then its all over.