Sunday, October 12, 2008

the power of google

Hope for MAS women's team? lol. They're very good now. Anyway, I played against Haw Yang yesterday(my classmate). He's training under Misbun Sidek(unbelieveble) and Laurence, whoever that is. Anyway, we only managed to play 2 games, I won the first 15-10, he won the second, 15-11. We had 2 hours, but we had to let the other two play too. Lol, I beat Zwee Ho(another classmate) 15-0. I even gave him the shuttlecock to serve when it was my serve cuz he insited on it. I got the serve back anyway. Anyway, even Haw Yang got a shock. 15-0! haha. I can take Haw Yang's smash easily, it isn't that powerful. Can anyone advice me on how to smash?Mine isn't that powerful, especially from the back court. And I'm getting contacts soon(eech). But I guess it'll make my playing easier. If I don't wear contacts, my eye power will reach some impossible stage. lol. Hmmm, I'm getting the school I'm going to tomorrow, I hope. I can only hope I get SMK DJ or SMK Taman S.E.A. I'mk playing badminton again next week with Haw Yang, Zwee Ho, and possibly another girl name Shu Wen. She told me, yeah, that's right, told me that she trained under Ong Beng Teong for 3 months then she stopped. She said her coach said she has natural talent(humble, isn't she?). I asked Haw Yang And Zwee Ho(they've played with her before) and they said she's bad. Real bad. Haw Yang said "Natural talent my head!" lol. Anyway, I'll find out next week. I haven't played with a good female player for a long time, except for my mum. Well, what can you say? My mum represented Malacca a long time ago.

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