Sunday, October 26, 2008

we're the wild bugs????

some wendy cock shot weh.

anyway, im fcking tired as hell now

but UN camp turned out so much more than anyone who went would expect.

and since im not a gurl. no pics. yeah.

jason and sengtuck. nice 4 minute chat there.
my awesome posum team won in the end.
oh well. we r damn bloody good lar.

10 things about the camp:

1.big pot of maggi mee with kao egg

2.big pot of TESCO teh O

3. nick yeow: "rajiv, you are the biggest gurl"
rajiv: "mmmmmmmmmmm *snore*"

4.waichuan wake up call "wake up wake up on a saturday night"
imagine sleeping and waking up to hearing WC singing hilary duff songs. not good.

5.two hour planning to fuck WC up on final morning which we ended up sleeping.

6.river tracking where evryone nearly died. seriously.

7.stepping on horse shit under the river during a task in treasure hunt.

8.winning the fucking hunt with fucking awesome teammates.

9.balls shrinking like hell when bathing cos water kao cold

10.jonjonjon ghost stories and WC doctor story which nobody

11.singing DJ skool song on the way up to upper hill

12.throwing chicken bones in nick yeows clothes bag which is BLACK and looks exactly like those plastic bags where we throw rubbish in. his reaction when he found out : priceless

13.indians are elaine's really stupid role call where WC led by singing "hey hey you you"


no one would understand wtf im trying to say lar,
but this camp was good.
and for a bunch of college kids organizing this camp,

really good job.

im seldom this nice.