Sunday, November 9, 2008

early burfday present

yesterday, after the awesomeposum match of arseholes vs manutd, i finally received my bday present from audreypodrey ALLLLL the way from australia.

our bond of friendship stil last like uhu glue even though we r far apart.
may the witherwings of bbq sauce bring peace n joy to us both.

this is the parcel she sent.

with a sexy card.

forgot take pic of card.
oh well.


this is wat she bought me.

its a man utd jersey thats not realy a man utd jersey.


i love it aud!

although lost 2-1 to arsehole, i stil think man utd is awesome.

and because im not a camho like junyeu, i wont take a picture of myslef in that shirt as requested from aud.


omfg hudgens damn hot.



Audrey Podrey said...

I was waiting for my thanks... Now that I've got it I'm satisfied =D I'm glad you like it. Did you see kit's present? I made you guys twin cards and got you guys fraternal twin presents. Haha remember the card you guys made for my birthday? Damn random. Arsenal rocks my socks!

Anonymous said...