Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some quotes i will never forget

stuwen ah stuwen

the games is over

lets starts the games

weeho ah weeho

burn until dono who are u already

burns you alives


thee eff (thev)

we dont disturb the ladies

aiyohhhh jonahhhthan ah

tuan ken study hard lar

make me vomit blood

hock soon who intervuews you ah

the one that intervuews you is the blind one


kee jens dont play too much computer games lar

aiyoohhh OO kan!

this questions answer by...

sook munn hu is always the late one

karmen hu never give me good answer today one

oh ya i forgot karmen is the ladies

*insert jonathan weird laugh here*

show them the power

make sure you dont break all the records

people study until eye red, you play until eye blue

so thats all i can think of.

dont mess

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