Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i only found out that MJ is gone
shocking really

this has happened before, when i was holidaying somewhere else
only to found out steve irwin has passed away

y lar everytime i go holiday some1 famous and respected seems to gg

next holiday i will call oprah to get ready

jus kidding pls don do shit to me

msia seems to be so eventful
prom and all
redang tripps
aussie ppl back home
only to be quarantined...

and here i am
ALLLLL the way in UK

its 10.30pm now
which means msia is 5.30am

damn hard to get used to the time at 1st
by 9pm damn sleepy d

plus its summer, which means the sun sets at only 10pm
and rises at 4 am

damn gay lar
9 pm stil damn bright 1. can go jogging

the night is soo short
like jebats.... xoxo

UKs grass is soo nice
everybody just sits on it, under a tree or in the open
and do their own thing

its like those pictures u see in the university brochures

old trafford is HUGE
unlike emirates or stamford bridge or anfield
if u are seeking a REAL football stadium


ronaldo has an ENTIRE room dedicated to him
he so keng meh

london is crazy...
its like japan, ppl moving around all the time
u let yur pet dog go and 5 secs later u find him flattened in front of u

but london is huge.
their underground train system damn confusing

got like 10 lines in london alone
and mus chg here chg there

i prefer putra

"stesen berikutnya, kelana jaya. next station, kelana jaya"

yes i miss that

im in glasgow now
which is a small city in scotland
i prefer this place over london because london very hustle bustle
its more peaceful here yet stil happening

my sister has graduated

no more studying for her.
as for me.......... T__T

i went stonehenge
for 17 years, i tought it was stonehedge
but no, its actually stonehenge

abit weird for me

its just a pile of sacred rocks that requires u to drive 2 hours from london town to see

anyone planning to go university of bath?
because bath is THE city

its. damn. awesome.

i just like it because the place is very well planned
dono how to explain

all the building same colour
all beige
u paint your hse red u go jail this is not a fact

and its buildings are based on some roman empire shit
so its kinda cool

its called bath because some roman king discovered that the water from this place is naturally hot, ie: hot springs, so he thinks its so damn magical and builds a city for it jus so that he can bathe there

harry potter stuff

im going to munich tmr and im not going to amsterdam :(

i want to get back to msia and see all my aussie frens and go to redang
but im not sure if they will quarantine me from coming home from UK

that would rly suck

screw you, swine flu