Tuesday, January 12, 2010


2 years ago. me, gab and irwan were in gabs hse sleepover and talking nonsense as usual..

then we noticed something oddly strange about our world, everything seems to come in the no.13

how is this so?

it was the 13th of january, our gang consisted of 13 awesome ppl, irwan had 13 pimples on his face, my favourite no. is the no. 13, and we noticed many other things about the no.13 that i cant recall now haha :D

and so... family13 was borned

this may sound cheesy to others but..
after bonding for 5 years in high school, and upon 2 years of leaving it, we are stil very much united!

happy birthday family13, heres to another 13 years of friendship! (and more)
peace out


oops wrong picture...

thats more like it....