Sunday, January 31, 2010


ipad was recently launched a few days ago and since then i have heard so manyyyyy MIXED reactions towards it...

the bunch of batai-ans tought it was stupid, and was gonna be a failure
others tought it was brilliant! best apple invention yet...

personally, i think its shitting awesome besides the fact that its only 4gb..


owh well...

imagine playing traffic rush on this thing, woosh! woosh!
aahahaha oh speaking of traffic rush i finally got a new highscore of 1,091


hello! meet my lil' brother...

omfg lar the aussie-bound ppl are leaving soon...

thanks emoshen for dimsum today!
my strategy of "sorry i cant eat la, im broke" actually worked!
HAHAHA nolar kidding lar i was seriously broke :(:(

thanks to super awesome cameron trip with IGKY+PPP

i love the noob kia's sunroof, made the entire trip worthwhile
and strawberry ice is the shit man

group picha!

uni starts again tmr, when every1 else has holidays :(
oh well its just teambuilding (dont ask i also dono wtf is that)

oh, if u have not already known about this show, WATCH IT!

its damn good ok...
youtube the effing trailer!

*small spoilers ahead*

its about this little girl who was murdered and is in the 'in-between' and about how her family solved the mystery...

a lilttle bit creepy at times

ahhh, the great outdoors!