Monday, March 31, 2008


i just drop my bio...

im in help now doing nthg while the others are taking their bio mock hahaha

i change all my groups to :

maths- d
chem- e
physics - e

im going to miss my 3 months experience with my group A classmates

joel - drop bio with me
cock, keith, cheeleong - no more heaven sessions T_T
ken and friends - will miss u all
sisters - lol dono what to say
the 'i' s - ive seen u all too much time to move on but i will miss kalkena and adel and van not you dinesh hohoho
rui en - i wont kacau your chick anymore lar
poh ling - always call me stupid so dowan talk about u
kenny - lol
sasa scholars - screw you hoho
keith again - now u are the genius
the rest of the class - i had a great time in just 3 months with u all. thx for evrything
mdm lin - probably forgot hu i am
miss lai - my favourite teacher. random videos, cyril, never scold me when i get 30 something for chem test, always hit my butt in lab, im going to miss it
miss foong - now u wont see me sleep in class anymore

i realise im blogging like a gurl
but this is what i feel

at least i hav james in my new class

kok we shall futsal again one day

waiting for irwan to makan together...

i stil miss audrey