Friday, March 28, 2008

college politics

HELP student council elections was darn interesting...

the speeches was damn fun to watch. can see some ppl too shy to talk, some use bag to kidnap wth, yu szen trademark beatbox as usual, and of course the super yeng, super powerful speach by jason chow omfg.

jason got president and im not surprised if he got 100% votes. he was that good.

his speech seriusly cannot get more power... after he ended it, the whole hall exploded.

anyway, the results are as folow :

president - jason chow
vice - hitakshi
sec - pia
treasure - pei hau
marketing - matthew pang
social - tzeyin
sports - jonathan hoe

congrats to all u noobs
and well done to those who din get any post.

getting past the interview is an achivement itslef...

politics is damn fun maybe next time i want to become a politician hohoho