Thursday, February 4, 2010


hai gais!
this is my shampoo..

no i do not have dry/damaged hair...

you know, sometimes when we bath/shower and then wash our hair..
and right after that,

we forgot whether we have already washed our hair or not...
and wash it again!

and thus wasting precious shampoo :D

i said this before on fb if anyone cares..

TODAY, as i was bathing, i forgot whether i washed my hair or not, 3 times!
only when i squeeze the shampoo out of its casing then i realise

"hey i did this before just few seconds ago... "


this is living proof of how distracted the human mind is ( or rather mine only )

no i am not thinking of maria ozawa...


i cant wait for this saturday
its gonna be awesome!

i like 21 guns featuring american idiot...

class at 8 really sucks