Tuesday, March 16, 2010


all results are out!
i did pretty okay... :D

2/4 assignments are done!

i just realised how the hell much i am going to miss malaysia in 6/7 months time...

nasi lemak ahhhhhh

if u have not already... u have to read the best website in the world

its full of random shit which is just totally awesome lar...

theres one article on images u wont believe are real... but they actually are...

examples i picked out:

this is the coolest advertisement... ever

these are crows giving u the finger

this is a real sculpture somewhere in New Zealand

this is not a painting... seriously
(note hair and left hand)

this is mordor.... ok its actually a street art

this is God declaring the SUV to be gay...

i think ive posted this up before like 2 years ago...
REAL images mind u...

hoho u are mindfcuked